The 3rd Carbafoo postcard exhibition

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The 3rd Carbafoo postcard exhibition
May 28- June 6, 2021
According to the popular definition; A postcard is a rectangular piece of thick paper or cardboard, one side of which is illustrated and the other side is a text to congratulate, express love and affection to the recipient. In the past, receiving a postcard by mail was of special importance to the recipient, which could be considered so valuable to the sender's position that they were diligent in maintaining it, even until death. But in today's world, with the pervasiveness of cyberspace and the instantaneous sending of all kinds of moving and creative images, postcards are certainly useless in the past, and even keeping them on virtual pages is devoid of grace and value.
The third exhibition of Carbafoo postcards in collaboration with Hengam Gallery in Mashhad and Asr Gallery in Tehran, in line with its main goal of increasing communication and interaction between artists and galleries from different cities of the country during joint exhibition events, in this project, 8 curators have been invited so that each of them has selected 10 themed artists to participate in this event, by referring to this important part of cultural memory and preserving the values of a work of art. , Present their favorite postcard from the perspective of today's artist in this show.

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